Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas 2009

This year, it has been the weirdest Christmas ever...or was it extraordinary???

I don't know. First of all, I am in a strange country, England. So,
there were new culture to learn, new people to get acquainted with,
family I could not meet, new weather and environment, and different
festive atmosphere. It was just beyond me and I am just so overwhelmed
with everything. Father Christmas??? He brought me presents and it was
my first time in my many years to wake up with excitement for
Christmas, just like a little child.

Then, it was all about food and relaxing at home after the Christmas
service at church in the morning. And, for the very first time since
my stay here, it was a tremendously relaxing day and fulfilling day.
It was simply great. It was all about eating what you like, watching
the tele, not worrying about the next day.

I do wish that this day would last longer but, it is approaching its
end now and, I just wish it could have been slightly longer. The best
gift??? The day itself and one of my favourite presents was the little
snuggly dog...I thought of naming it Snowy, what do you think?

Another incredible thing was being in touch with a friend whom I have
not been in touch for nearly 5 years now. It was ... incredible.
Anyway, I thank God that I am warm and healthy and had a wonderful
Christmas today. Thank you Jesus!

Friday, 16 October 2009

Letters Home

Writing letters nowadays seems so distant and foreign. Everyone talks
about emails, blogs, text messages and so on. Well, I have even
received only forwarded emails or rather, chain mails from some
people, or an email with just one phrase.

No, I am not complaining or saying that it is no good, but I just felt
I would love to get "letter", even once a month. Recently, I have been
writing home via emails regularly, which I made it a point to do so,
and these emails come in the form of letters/journals of what is
happening here. However, it means more than that.

Mum only reads Chinese and understands it perfectly. I speak Chinese
but, I don't write it at all. With all these writing for home, there
is one person who does not get to read; mum. But, thanks be to God, I
found a friend who is willing to help me translate my letters into
Chinese so that mum and dad can read them. At times, I wonder if
anyone reads my email because no reply came my way.

Now things have changed. I know deep down, even if I don't get any
reply from a single person, I know for sure that someone is expecting
my weekly letter; mum and dad. With this in mind, I shall continue to
write and for sure, they would be very glad to hear from me, their
beloved princess who is far, far away from home.

Monday, 5 October 2009

First School Assembly

This morning was the third time I go into the school assembly of High
Ercall Primary. However, the previous two times my participation was
very minimal and, I was mainly observing.

This morning, it is different. we thought it would be good for me to
share about the mid-autumn festival of the Chinese, and tell the
children the legend behind the festival as well as what is the
tradition we Chinese do during such celebration.

On top of that, since I was going to teach them a new song, we
conveniently arranged for me to play the piano while the children were
filing into the school hall. It was great!!! They were so amazed and
so glad to have live music to accompany them in.

The story telling went so well, they was simply fascinated and we
showed them the mooncake. And, I taught them the song "God Is So Good"
accompanied by the piano of course. We had great fun.

The assembly ended with me playing on the piano again while they filed
out of the hall. What a good experience!!! Next week, we would explore
a new topic and hopefully, they could have some fun learning new
things again!!!

God is so good, hallelujah!
God is so good, hallelujah!
God is so good, is so good to me.


Friday, 2 October 2009

Tired Day

I think this is an accumulation of tiredness from many days out... I
am so tired now even half past ten, and am ready for bed anytime.
But..., again I have to crawl out from my working attire into the
slumberland attire... what a hassle...

Anyway, had a good day in Birmingham. I had Malaysian food; Fried koay
teow and my friend had Nasi Lemak. It was funny but, it was definitely
good. Then, another harvest and another harvest supper. In Birmingham,
we went to the Chinese supermarket and I managed to find mooncakes,
omochi, and spoke some Cantonese.

Later on, I met a Malaysian on the street who was getting me to buy a
new SIM card. Well, I did buy the SIM card and we spoke in Mandarin,
very satisfied and he is from Johore. It is always good to meet
someone who sounds familiar.

I am so Chinese, just very Chinese and it is a bonus to be able to
speak Chinese in one day!!! Thank God!!!

Suddenly, twelve months seem so long and so distant, but I know it is
going to do me good. I just have to face it.

Till later...

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Chilly Day

It is not exactly cold today, however, since last night, I have been
feeling rather chilly. The temperature outside is only 15 and inside
the house, it is suppose to be 20 degree and, I am all chilled up,
since last night. At moments, I can even feel my teeth are tempted to
chatter a little.

Now, during my welcome service last evening, a number of people from
the deanery (meaning a few churches)turned and, my singing went very
well. And o..., I just like the hymns that were put in, they just
spoke what I have on my mind.

It was a brilliant experience and I have never sung like that before.

I am going out for a little prayer walk later but now, need to set up
my own schedule for work. Till then!!!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Ministry

Frankly speaking, I am not sure what would happen twelve months down
the road. But, now everything is in a mess.

I miss piano a lot, and how I wish that there is a piano for me to
play on, a full-size piano/keyboard so that I could play Chopin and so

Will sing for my own welcome service this evening and feeling terribly
nervous about it. I hope it would turn out well and I could cope with
the higher notes.

Do pray for a good piano to come my way.

What is in the plan???
1. Church planting for Bratton
2. Working with young children
3. Helping in the music/worship ministry for the deanery
4. Help out to refine the services for the VIP's within the Diocese

Till Then...

Monday, 21 September 2009

First Week In England

The first week in England has been all right, however, it is too
chilly and I am getting miserable.

First, there is no piano to practise on. There is a keyboard set up
for me,but it is lacking one octave or two, and that makes playing so
limited. I miss my dear piano a lot.

On the happy note, my host actually took the effort to make me feel
more at home and orientated with the house by putting together the
layout of the house using the lego set. It is a lot of fun and I
really appreciate that as now I could always refer to my map whenever
I am lost. I will try taking pictures of those.

Next, I am going to be involved with the setting up of a new church
within the deanery and that is very exciting. Well, basically it is
like starting a baby and hopefully, see it grow!!! Something I do look
forward to and, I do want to be more involved.

I miss home a lot!!! I miss hugs too!!!

Friday, 12 June 2009

The Time that Ran Away

May has come by and left me, and June is slipping by very quickly too. There is always a tear hanging within, but it has not fallen, not yet. I can't chase back the time that has run away, but what can I do to keep up with its pace? Waiting waiting waiting, what do I really want??? Can someone tell me what is happening in my life now? No, noone can but, only God knows what is in His plan. I want to cease the present, I want to catch the rainbow and I want to be me. So, what is missing? Maybe nothing really... Would you pray with me and let me know what God says at the end? Papa God, hear me and show me thine way!!! I can't even cry now for there is no reason to cry but, there is the urge to shed a tear, funny me.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Books and Films

During my younger days, I was so obsessed with books, and would even
read them while attendin my classes in school. However, my
understanding of English during that time was so limited, and I always
wonder how did I enjoy those books.

Somehow, with the limited comprehension of English, many scenes from
these books are still remembered vividly in my mind. That's one good
thing about reading wit great imaginations!!! And, I also remember
that while I was reading some of the books, they were also shown on TV
as movies series. Some of these books are:

Anne of Green Gables
The Scapegoat
Circle of Friends
Jane Eyre
Wuthering Heights
Anne Frank's Diary
The Extra Ordinary Princess

I do not know why these books stay in me, but I would love to read
them once again. I know some I could get as audioboks or ebooks, but
some are so difficult to find. Maybe you could help? I have read 'Anne
of Green Gables' for the fourth time!!! But now, really wish to read
'The Scapegoat' once again.

I know there are so many books worth reading, icluding those classic.
Well, maybe I coud start working on that.

Happy reading!!!

Friday, 3 April 2009

First of May

This title really reminds me of the famous song by the Beegee's! It is
a beautiful song and I like it so much. Well, the first of May marks a
brand-new beginning for me, and a new chapter in my life.

I never thought that I would really embark on a journey to UK, and on
an uncertain mission; volunteering. So, the countdown has begun and
the preparation is in full swing!!! I truly hope that everything would
go on smoothly and I would find favour in the tasks I need to
complete. Suddenly, there is excitement, nervousness, anxiety,
reluctance, happiness, all in one. What a complicated feeling in my

Well, as I observed before, April has always been a "new beginning"
for the different stage of my life, there is always a difference. Same
as now, April fool's day was not a fool for me, it was a memorable
day!!! The letter from UK arrived which means I could proceed with my
visa application and I am really moving forward!!!

Things I plan to do in the near future:

* Record my songs and compositions
* Journal my journey in life and in music
* Assist those who needs my help
* Continue my journey in music education

You are the witness to my plans and God has the full control. I pray
that God would give me strength, wisdom, and the life to carry these
plans!!! I love God! I love my life! And I love the precious people
around me!!!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Fragile, Fragile

The babies are playing still, the little one is crying for attention
and the bigger ones are trying to fill their time with playing.

Today is definitely a sad day... my sister-in-law's dad has just
passed away this early afternoon. It was a painful and quick
experience... or should I say process??? Somehow, process sounds so
inhumane that I don't feel like using it. The kids went back to the
mother's hometown for a week during the school holidays. They returned
on Sunday. THen, on Monday, M's dad was admitted into hospital. This
was when all the to and fro the hospital began... a nervous and
painful experience.

Last evening, his sickness intensified and M had to rush to hospital
to prepare for the worst. It was still okay. This morning, she went
again, worrying all the time. Then, the doctor told them that a
surgery could be done and M's dad agreed to have it.

Now... he is gone, and forever. How fragile we human beings are!!!

Friday, 20 March 2009


When inspiration comes, I can't sit on it, I have to act on it.
Writing this my heart is istruggling to stay down... because I have to
get the minutes done before they come after me!!!

I have dreaded this minuting simply because it is not easy and ...
with the style the meeting goes, I find it so confusing at times. But,
if I have been trusted with the job, then, I have to carry it out. God
help me!!!