Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Chilly Day

It is not exactly cold today, however, since last night, I have been
feeling rather chilly. The temperature outside is only 15 and inside
the house, it is suppose to be 20 degree and, I am all chilled up,
since last night. At moments, I can even feel my teeth are tempted to
chatter a little.

Now, during my welcome service last evening, a number of people from
the deanery (meaning a few churches)turned and, my singing went very
well. And o..., I just like the hymns that were put in, they just
spoke what I have on my mind.

It was a brilliant experience and I have never sung like that before.

I am going out for a little prayer walk later but now, need to set up
my own schedule for work. Till then!!!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Ministry

Frankly speaking, I am not sure what would happen twelve months down
the road. But, now everything is in a mess.

I miss piano a lot, and how I wish that there is a piano for me to
play on, a full-size piano/keyboard so that I could play Chopin and so

Will sing for my own welcome service this evening and feeling terribly
nervous about it. I hope it would turn out well and I could cope with
the higher notes.

Do pray for a good piano to come my way.

What is in the plan???
1. Church planting for Bratton
2. Working with young children
3. Helping in the music/worship ministry for the deanery
4. Help out to refine the services for the VIP's within the Diocese

Till Then...

Monday, 21 September 2009

First Week In England

The first week in England has been all right, however, it is too
chilly and I am getting miserable.

First, there is no piano to practise on. There is a keyboard set up
for me,but it is lacking one octave or two, and that makes playing so
limited. I miss my dear piano a lot.

On the happy note, my host actually took the effort to make me feel
more at home and orientated with the house by putting together the
layout of the house using the lego set. It is a lot of fun and I
really appreciate that as now I could always refer to my map whenever
I am lost. I will try taking pictures of those.

Next, I am going to be involved with the setting up of a new church
within the deanery and that is very exciting. Well, basically it is
like starting a baby and hopefully, see it grow!!! Something I do look
forward to and, I do want to be more involved.

I miss home a lot!!! I miss hugs too!!!