Thursday, 8 July 2010

Excited Excited

The feeling of excitement is so good to oneself that I just wish it is
here everyday. Lately, I have been excited about life and about God,
and about what I am doing here. No, nothing exciting happening in
particular, just feeling excited and looking forward to whatever I am
going to do or what is going to happen throughout the day.

I guess, I am re-energised and re-motivated and revived from that
misery self. Hahahah, wonder why it came at the first place??? Now, I
am totally driven to get things done for the day. I am a

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Hello There...

Hey you out there, if you are reading, can you drop me a word???

Well, I think not many read this but, no harm knowing if someone is
listening. Just leave me a word or two, or even better, email me. You
know where to find me.

Friday, 2 July 2010

I Want To Know

A song that gives me so much pain....

Verse 1:
You always understand what I think inside,
You know the very way to make me smile,
How I wish I could read your soul through your eyes
And see your thoughts that no words can describe

Maybe it doesn't matter 'cause we live in different worlds,
Though we said, "we are here for each other",
Maybe I might not be the one, to share your hopes and dreams in life,
Still there's a voice within my heart that says,

I want to know should I really let you go,
Though my heart feels
you are the only one so close
I want to know would you ever feel this love
Even when I have never said it out to you

You said to me you have to take this path
And grab this chance to reach the stars you want,
I tell myself I have to let you go
Maybe that's how it should be, maybe, o maybe, o maybe…

Chorus 2: (YR+MH)
You never know how I really miss you so
And the moments you have brought into my life
You never know how I truly hope inside
We would always remain the way we are today

Love, Love, Love

This is the most mysterious word one can least to me.

Complicated, undescribable, inexplicable, illogical, totally no words
could say it right.

How does love start? What is love? What is real love and what is false love?

Hahahah, I feel so stupid, feel like a foolish teenager asking stupid
questions, can't imagine how I laugh at myself now. I
always believe and still believe, and told my friend, before loving
others, one must love herself/himself. Yes yes, God comes first, but
that does not stop you from loving yourself; accepting the person you
are, not trying to be someone you thought would win favours, slaving
to win someone else's heart, and I don't know what else. No, I am not
saint, this is a reminder to myself.

At this very moment, I can't wait to go home, back to those loving
arms of family and friends, the unconditional love awaiting me.
Sometimes, ...I wish...*sighs*

If you are reading, thank you - God loves you, and I love you. Words
are my strength and yet, many a times, they failed me.

Dear papa God,

You know every desire, every secret in our hearts. And, you hear every
unspoken thoughts and prayers deep in us. Help us papa to be strong,
help us to see You in times of difficulty, help us to listen to your
heartbeat, and follow what is right. In Jesus'precious name, amen.