Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Foolish Me

Why did I get myself so worked up? Why did it matter so much? Should
have been more "clever" about it, should have not bothered!

O, only goodness knows what is going on. I must learn, I must
learn...learn to be not bothered, learn to be ...learn not to be upset
like this.

Yes, the fact that I am writing like this means I am still worked up...stupid!!!

Monday, 21 June 2010

You The Tree, I The Flower

This is crazy but, I promised to write this just for you.

Dedicated to my dearie dearie J:

You are a tree, strong and tough,
You can face the storm no matter how rough,
Always proud of yourself, always want to reach higher,
But, deep inside you, you need some love and care.

I am a flower, fragile and lovely and easily crushed,
So you said, and I believe it's a truth or only half,
But you know me well, you know me truly well,
I am a flower that will last through rain, sun snow and live again.

Hahahah, there you have it. Miss talking to you girl!!!

We must meet up one day soon, back home?

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Random Thoughts

I often call myself a dreamer - and I know I am. But, a dremaer suffers from her own dreams.

Confused??? Lost??? I know not but, I do wonder this state of mind that surrounds me in recent days.

O, yes...I did ask myself whether to pour it all out on this public space??? Not sure...If you read this, maybe not many, bless you. You are reading the gibberish thoughts of someone who are very unsure for the very moment.

It might not make sense, and maybe with hindsight later on, it might be just silliness and rubbish. No, the English life is fine, work is absolutely busy and great, spiritual life is picking up (yes, still picking up speed), and friends & family are definitely on the good side.

I guess I need some distraction to this busy mind of mine...a very good distraction. You, I miss the time when we were at home, you might be able to understand but again, you might not be reading. And you,...Yes the other you might be reading and feeling worried - don't be, maybe just say a prayer for me; peace of God, peace of mind, peace in my heart.

And another you, will you be reading??? *sighs* This is going nowhere and I am going nowhere. I should just go out for a cup of coffee somewhere like the olden days, watch a movie like the olden days, go for an orchestral concert like the olden days,...

Sound so stupid...