Saturday, 6 February 2010

The First Love

It was a few weeks ago that I was invited to share in one of the
churches here. So, we talked about many things and I remember vividly,
my sharing ended with me saying, "we should be going back to the first
love we had for Jesus". And, that was exactly what I needed in my walk
with God.

But, obviously, as with all things, it was easier said than done. So,
I was thinking how am I going to have a closer walk with Him, to love
Him more, to know what is His plans for my life and my stay here and
many, many more questions. God being God, He brought me to see Him in
the light of that "first love" I once had many years back.

It was unexpected yet, it was so powerful that I could not wait to
read the passage again and again. We were having this regular meeting
for our new church plant and, my colleague read aloud Isaiah 65 for
everyone to ponder on. Yes, it spoke loudly, how great is His love,
how gracious He is, how He never forget and never give up on us, on
me, and how He long to reach us and always there to receive us. That's
it, my first love.

Ever since that moment, my heart is aflamed for Him and I truly thirst
for His word and my heart longs to know Him much, much better than I
have already known and, the longing and yearning just could not cease.
O Lord, I just want to be near You and may your Holy Spirit lead me by
the hand and keep me close to You!!!