Friday, 12 June 2009

The Time that Ran Away

May has come by and left me, and June is slipping by very quickly too. There is always a tear hanging within, but it has not fallen, not yet. I can't chase back the time that has run away, but what can I do to keep up with its pace? Waiting waiting waiting, what do I really want??? Can someone tell me what is happening in my life now? No, noone can but, only God knows what is in His plan. I want to cease the present, I want to catch the rainbow and I want to be me. So, what is missing? Maybe nothing really... Would you pray with me and let me know what God says at the end? Papa God, hear me and show me thine way!!! I can't even cry now for there is no reason to cry but, there is the urge to shed a tear, funny me.