Monday, 26 September 2005

I Am Dreaming

Yes, I am still dreaming of last evening's concert. It was a terrific concert, and I just could not pull myself out of it. I enjoyed it so much and I want to listen to more! Okay, this blog is not that hard to manage and, I am so insane, that I actually spend my morning in the office writing on my blogs, yes blogs. But, boss is in very early today, heheheh. And, reading about Moses biography last Saturday gave me a ... new revelation. I never felt it that way. Moses: Born a Levite, brought up a prince, then a man on the run (wanted), and then, God appointed him to be a leader for Israel. Could you imagine? A prince of the enemy, a fugitive, and you have to lead your people. What a complicated life!

Friday, 23 September 2005

Lost World

Do you know what is happening? Can someone tell me what is happening? What is obligation? What is responsibility? What is life?

New Try

can this work? First of all, thanks to resuscitate and busy bee. Okay, now i actually have three "blogs". Hahahahahah.