Thursday, 16 June 2011


It was the weirdest thing that ever happened - two doses of possible
"intrusion" triggered my long-forgotten gastric, and a terrible one.
Even thinking about it now upsets me tremendously.

I know I am being ridiculous, unreasonable, silly and down-right
childish. What is there to fear? Why the fret? Why let myself got wind
up? Stupidity.

Yet, the fear of "stranger" creeps right into me. And this "stranger"
that seemed to stalk me...can't he stop? Didn't he get it? I am not
befriending a stalker!!!

I want a new identity, I want to be someone else...I wish I can
disappear and start anew. Having strong gastric/heartburn (whatever
you want to call it) and less than three hours of sleep is no fun and
really tips me over. Will take a break from FB.