Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Currently listening to Yiruma - Beautiful, soothing, comforting and
sweet. Piano music never fails to calm my soul and at times, my
headaches. Despite the discomfort I experience (aches, pains, fatigue)
I feel enveloped in a state of blissfulness.

What can one ask for than the freedom to do what one enjoys like
playing the piano? Like dreaming away about those beautiful scenes one
hopes for? Like thinking of the one one loves? Like writing and
writing and writing???

With Christmas around the corner, I can't help but think of the "real
meaning" of this special day, and how is it special to me. Yes, it
will not be the first time I am celebrating it but, life has changed
and I have too. Many years ago, it was all about gifts exchange,
visiting friends, eating and fellowshipping and at one point,
evangelistic meeting, lucky draw (although they call it blessed draw),
and doing nothing. Then, I was exposed to a new way of celebrating
Christmas - a family based kind of celebration; having meals around
the table, special treat for each person, gifts from family members,
advent service (in expectation of Christmas), midnight mass welcoming
Christmas, Christmas morning service all about the birth of Christ...

I miss the latter, really miss it. Maybe I should start understanding
the link between Christmas and evangelism? The Christian calendar year
begins with Advent, leading up to, how do we re-focus?
Why do we celebrate Christmas? Is it just another channel to share the
gospel of Christ or is it more? Then, we have Easter...

And, do we tell the story of Christmas or do we tell the story of
being a Christian? Once a friend commented after watching a Christmas
presentation, "that was a Christian message, not a Christmas message".
Any difference?

God helps me!