Wednesday, 16 March 2011

An Afternoon with Me

There is running water at the corner of the building, there is piano
music from the computer, there is me, sitting down with a wonder.

It is now the middle of my second week at work, and the stress level
is low. However, just imagine me at a different place...

By the flowing river, listening to the chirping birds in the trees,
Humming to myself or simply being quiet,
And dream away. Oh, the sun hanging in the sky, but the heat not touching me.

Blissfulness!!! What will I be thinking about then? What will my dream
be??? What tune will be playing in my head???

The one who writes, is a creator. The one who paints, is a dreamer.
The one who sings, is soul.

I travel in this world of mine, I peer into this sky in my mind,
And I find peacefulness and that hope that never dies.

I love you!!!