Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Thumping Headache

I am having this terrible headache, plus the sound created by some "noise" categorised as music by some, it is getting worse. After a few hours of this, it is making a great thumping in my head. I wish I could get out from here. O no, this is definitely a torture to me and to my soul. I wish I have a chance to escape to that piano room and shut myself inside but, it is like a glass castle that everyone could see you even you shed a single tear. Horrible place!

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Husky, Sexy Voice

Okay, I am having a husky, sexy voice. It has been like that for more than a week and still haven't recovered. My my, how I wish to be well and able to sing like a normal me. Yes, suppose to lead this Friday and backup singing this Saturday, God help me!!! Today is real crazy, first the e-mail system was out and I ended up doing ... no thing, no, not a typo, I did no thing. So, I started to visit some old blogs that I created ages ago and, I landed here and writing away. Of course, i had launched into reading my friends' blogs these days and they are great. I think I need to revive my old self and be myself once again. Not bound by work, not drowned by words of others, not blinded by the spinning and turning of human faces. O, life, how I enjoy it when I jump out of that little box called cubicle, and walk on the paths of thoughts and reality.

It's Good to Be Back

ok, let's if I could write here. Great, I am so glad to be back writing and writing. I guess, one cannot be separated from his/her passion and for me, it is definitely piano and writing. I just love putting down my thoughts and feelings into words that flowss like the river of life, and making music that soothes your soul. Great!!!