Thursday, 23 April 2009

Books and Films

During my younger days, I was so obsessed with books, and would even
read them while attendin my classes in school. However, my
understanding of English during that time was so limited, and I always
wonder how did I enjoy those books.

Somehow, with the limited comprehension of English, many scenes from
these books are still remembered vividly in my mind. That's one good
thing about reading wit great imaginations!!! And, I also remember
that while I was reading some of the books, they were also shown on TV
as movies series. Some of these books are:

Anne of Green Gables
The Scapegoat
Circle of Friends
Jane Eyre
Wuthering Heights
Anne Frank's Diary
The Extra Ordinary Princess

I do not know why these books stay in me, but I would love to read
them once again. I know some I could get as audioboks or ebooks, but
some are so difficult to find. Maybe you could help? I have read 'Anne
of Green Gables' for the fourth time!!! But now, really wish to read
'The Scapegoat' once again.

I know there are so many books worth reading, icluding those classic.
Well, maybe I coud start working on that.

Happy reading!!!

Friday, 3 April 2009

First of May

This title really reminds me of the famous song by the Beegee's! It is
a beautiful song and I like it so much. Well, the first of May marks a
brand-new beginning for me, and a new chapter in my life.

I never thought that I would really embark on a journey to UK, and on
an uncertain mission; volunteering. So, the countdown has begun and
the preparation is in full swing!!! I truly hope that everything would
go on smoothly and I would find favour in the tasks I need to
complete. Suddenly, there is excitement, nervousness, anxiety,
reluctance, happiness, all in one. What a complicated feeling in my

Well, as I observed before, April has always been a "new beginning"
for the different stage of my life, there is always a difference. Same
as now, April fool's day was not a fool for me, it was a memorable
day!!! The letter from UK arrived which means I could proceed with my
visa application and I am really moving forward!!!

Things I plan to do in the near future:

* Record my songs and compositions
* Journal my journey in life and in music
* Assist those who needs my help
* Continue my journey in music education

You are the witness to my plans and God has the full control. I pray
that God would give me strength, wisdom, and the life to carry these
plans!!! I love God! I love my life! And I love the precious people
around me!!!