Friday, 16 October 2009

Letters Home

Writing letters nowadays seems so distant and foreign. Everyone talks
about emails, blogs, text messages and so on. Well, I have even
received only forwarded emails or rather, chain mails from some
people, or an email with just one phrase.

No, I am not complaining or saying that it is no good, but I just felt
I would love to get "letter", even once a month. Recently, I have been
writing home via emails regularly, which I made it a point to do so,
and these emails come in the form of letters/journals of what is
happening here. However, it means more than that.

Mum only reads Chinese and understands it perfectly. I speak Chinese
but, I don't write it at all. With all these writing for home, there
is one person who does not get to read; mum. But, thanks be to God, I
found a friend who is willing to help me translate my letters into
Chinese so that mum and dad can read them. At times, I wonder if
anyone reads my email because no reply came my way.

Now things have changed. I know deep down, even if I don't get any
reply from a single person, I know for sure that someone is expecting
my weekly letter; mum and dad. With this in mind, I shall continue to
write and for sure, they would be very glad to hear from me, their
beloved princess who is far, far away from home.

Monday, 5 October 2009

First School Assembly

This morning was the third time I go into the school assembly of High
Ercall Primary. However, the previous two times my participation was
very minimal and, I was mainly observing.

This morning, it is different. we thought it would be good for me to
share about the mid-autumn festival of the Chinese, and tell the
children the legend behind the festival as well as what is the
tradition we Chinese do during such celebration.

On top of that, since I was going to teach them a new song, we
conveniently arranged for me to play the piano while the children were
filing into the school hall. It was great!!! They were so amazed and
so glad to have live music to accompany them in.

The story telling went so well, they was simply fascinated and we
showed them the mooncake. And, I taught them the song "God Is So Good"
accompanied by the piano of course. We had great fun.

The assembly ended with me playing on the piano again while they filed
out of the hall. What a good experience!!! Next week, we would explore
a new topic and hopefully, they could have some fun learning new
things again!!!

God is so good, hallelujah!
God is so good, hallelujah!
God is so good, is so good to me.


Friday, 2 October 2009

Tired Day

I think this is an accumulation of tiredness from many days out... I
am so tired now even half past ten, and am ready for bed anytime.
But..., again I have to crawl out from my working attire into the
slumberland attire... what a hassle...

Anyway, had a good day in Birmingham. I had Malaysian food; Fried koay
teow and my friend had Nasi Lemak. It was funny but, it was definitely
good. Then, another harvest and another harvest supper. In Birmingham,
we went to the Chinese supermarket and I managed to find mooncakes,
omochi, and spoke some Cantonese.

Later on, I met a Malaysian on the street who was getting me to buy a
new SIM card. Well, I did buy the SIM card and we spoke in Mandarin,
very satisfied and he is from Johore. It is always good to meet
someone who sounds familiar.

I am so Chinese, just very Chinese and it is a bonus to be able to
speak Chinese in one day!!! Thank God!!!

Suddenly, twelve months seem so long and so distant, but I know it is
going to do me good. I just have to face it.

Till later...