Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas 2009

This year, it has been the weirdest Christmas ever...or was it extraordinary???

I don't know. First of all, I am in a strange country, England. So,
there were new culture to learn, new people to get acquainted with,
family I could not meet, new weather and environment, and different
festive atmosphere. It was just beyond me and I am just so overwhelmed
with everything. Father Christmas??? He brought me presents and it was
my first time in my many years to wake up with excitement for
Christmas, just like a little child.

Then, it was all about food and relaxing at home after the Christmas
service at church in the morning. And, for the very first time since
my stay here, it was a tremendously relaxing day and fulfilling day.
It was simply great. It was all about eating what you like, watching
the tele, not worrying about the next day.

I do wish that this day would last longer but, it is approaching its
end now and, I just wish it could have been slightly longer. The best
gift??? The day itself and one of my favourite presents was the little
snuggly dog...I thought of naming it Snowy, what do you think?

Another incredible thing was being in touch with a friend whom I have
not been in touch for nearly 5 years now. It was ... incredible.
Anyway, I thank God that I am warm and healthy and had a wonderful
Christmas today. Thank you Jesus!