Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Fragile, Fragile

The babies are playing still, the little one is crying for attention
and the bigger ones are trying to fill their time with playing.

Today is definitely a sad day... my sister-in-law's dad has just
passed away this early afternoon. It was a painful and quick
experience... or should I say process??? Somehow, process sounds so
inhumane that I don't feel like using it. The kids went back to the
mother's hometown for a week during the school holidays. They returned
on Sunday. THen, on Monday, M's dad was admitted into hospital. This
was when all the to and fro the hospital began... a nervous and
painful experience.

Last evening, his sickness intensified and M had to rush to hospital
to prepare for the worst. It was still okay. This morning, she went
again, worrying all the time. Then, the doctor told them that a
surgery could be done and M's dad agreed to have it.

Now... he is gone, and forever. How fragile we human beings are!!!

Friday, 20 March 2009


When inspiration comes, I can't sit on it, I have to act on it.
Writing this my heart is istruggling to stay down... because I have to
get the minutes done before they come after me!!!

I have dreaded this minuting simply because it is not easy and ...
with the style the meeting goes, I find it so confusing at times. But,
if I have been trusted with the job, then, I have to carry it out. God
help me!!!