Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Dare to Dream

Yesterday, a lady came to talk to mum and dad about saving up and so
on. She asked me about my dreams. I told her I don't have any dreams,
and no, I don't fancy being famous.

Well, maybe I was lying. I only felt I am too old for my dreams.
Nowadays, it is always about child prodigy and young aspiring artists
and youthful people. Me??? I started piano at 17. Then, I got
distracted by varsity and works...although completing my grade 8, I
never got anywhere. Do I still dare to dream? If not, why have I
stopped dreaming?

Dreams, do I still have the right to dream? Everytime I see someone
perform on the stage, I can only wish that was me. Then, you might
say, "work harder then". Well, does it mean I can give up my job,
don't worry about earning an income and just play the piano.

So many blind musicians out there are struggling to stay afloat,
mostly very determined and stubborn to "complete the music studies".
At the age of 27 or 28, they are still studying and struggling,
without any work experience. I always thought I need a job and earn my
own for my own to treat my loved ones to
something when I need to or want to.

But now, will I regret it one day that I never pursued this dream of
mine? I just enjoy performing but, with my current skills, I dare not
perform. However, every time there is a chance to perform, I enjoy the
moment I get about performing, I simply grow into it.

Will I be a performing pianist?